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Using 'Send Email' and generating a list of recipients using two tables

Question asked by AAgraphics on Sep 27, 2010


Using 'Send Email' and generating a list of recipients using two tables


FMP10 on Mac and PC

I have one database that has multiple tables.  The two relevant and important tables are:



The information that is contained in "Factories" is all of the relevant information for a particular factory like Contact Name, Email Address, Physical Address, Capabilities, etc.

I want to use the table "FactoriesEmail" so I can type an email message, select the factories I want to receive the message by selecting a specific capability.  How can I use the "Send Mail" script step to do this?

Also, let's say one capability is called "Capability1".  Let's say there are 12 factories that have this capability.  I want to type the message once, select the capability and send an individual email to all of the factories that have the specified capability.  I want the emails that go out to be personalized for each factory using the information that is in the table "Factories".  I want to log the content of the messages and the number of recipients in the "FactoriesEmail" table.  I see that I can select in the 'Send Email' function "Create: Multiple Email (one for each record in found set)" but I do know how I can use this to accomplish what I want.  Also, how should I build a relationship between the two tables?

The "FactoriesEmail" table is used to send mass email to factories and will become a log of all of the emails sent to factoriess.

Does this make sense and any ideas?  If you have any questions, please let me know and thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!