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Using / adapting filemaker solution databases

Question asked by fluffyone on Nov 18, 2009
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Using / adapting filemaker solution databases


Hi Group


I am looking into using the email campaign solution that comes free with file maker advanced pro 10, I wanted to link it into my customer database so that I only enter details once, but looking into the structure of this solution it looks a little complicated with its build. Although I could persevere and eventually get this to work OK, my question is:


with something like the email campaign solution is it best to have it as a stand alone solution with it's own set of contacts or is it good practice to link it into the contact database so data is only entered once?


I have different services and product areas so I will be running a range of different campaigns and some contacts will receive one or many of the different campaign material options. If I link it to my contact database that I have now, I have a list of different maillots I have done and each contact as a tick in the mail shot they have been included in, so I will also need to link this to the different campaigns.


I want to keep this as simple as I can, but I don't want to double enter data if possible. What would anyone advise?


Regards Fluffy