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Using a "White-out" field

Question asked by ChronoVII on Oct 29, 2008
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Using a "White-out" field


So I've created a list-detail view using a very inefficient way. Essentially what its doing is when you select a row on the list side, it's updating a timestamp. A second portal then shows the detail of the selected row by being sorted by the timestamp.


(since creating this, i'm now a different method to create the list detail view by matching a temporarily global variable to the selcted row, but this is irrelevant)


Anyways, long story short, I've noticed that users have been typing in the "detail" pane of the interface prior to selecting the row from the "list" side. Since my old method sorts by timestamp, this essentially means that if they enter anything in, it'll overwrite whatever record was being displayed on the detail side.


To overcome this, I want to create a "white-out" field that only disappears after you click on one of the records on the "list" side. This was really easy to do using the new method I stated above, but i can't figure out an equivalent way to do this using my old timestamp trick. any suggestions? thanks.