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Using a calculated or looked-up value in a portal

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on Sep 11, 2013
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Using a calculated or looked-up value in a portal


     I have two portals on a layout. The first portal has a list of equipment (table equipment list) and when you click on one, it brings up the service history of that piece of equipment in the second portal (table service history, where I can then enter data, in particular the Total Running Hours of that equipment).

     My issue is, certain equipment have the same Total Running Hours as others. For example, the Main Engine and Gearbox will both have the same TRH since they operate concurrently. Is there a way to take the TRH of the Main Engine and have it automatically appear in the TRH of the Gearbox?

     Bear in mind there are other equipments where the above does not apply so I still need to have the TRH field free to enter data for those ones.