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Using a Child Record's generated key to populate Parent Record

Question asked by fxdb on Jan 23, 2010
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Using a Child Record's generated key to populate Parent Record


Something I have been un-aware of, probably due to never actually trying or needing..


Lets say you have a relationship as follows  ParentTable::keyfield  =  ChildTable::keyfield

and a Layout based on ParentTable, showing related fields from ChildTable


Obviously, if ParentTable::keyfield contains 1

then any child records created over this relationship will have the ChildTable::keyfield set to 1.


What I didnt realise was,

If ParentTable::keyfield is empty and ChildTable::keyfield is set to auto generate

Entering data into the related fields such as ChildTable::fieldA would populate the ParentTable::keyfield with the value from ChildTable::keyfield

to make the relationship valid.


Obviously, in this scenario I would only want a single related record.


Normally, what I would do here is go to the related record table

Create a new record

Grab the ChildTable::keyfield into a variable

Return to the original layout

Set the ParentTable::keyfield to the variable.


Q. Has it always worked this way ?  Have I just been overlooking this for years !

I feel a bit stupid asking this question to be honest, it makes sense why it works, I just wasnt expecting it to.

I was expecting something along the lines of "This field cannot be modified until "ParentTable::keyfield" is given a value.