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Using a constant in a relationship

Question asked by vfoecke on Oct 27, 2010
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Using a constant in a relationship


I am wondering if there is an easier and cleaner solution than the one I am using for the following problem.

I need to be able to create a relationship between tables where one of the fields is equal to a constant rather than a field in the other table.


I have a table of Events.

Each event in the table has a Day Of Week field (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)

I have a Layout based on the Events table.

I need to create a portal that shows just Monday events, another that shows just Tuesday events, etc.

So, I have created a relationship (self-join in this case) for each day's events.

The only way I can make this work is for EVERY record to have seven Auto-Enter fields which contain the names of the days of the weeks.

Then, my seven relationships are like the following:    Events::Monday = Monday Events::Day Of Week

It seems to me there should be a better way.  Is there one and I just haven't found it?

If there is, I could eliminate dozens of mostly useless Auto-Enter fields from my database.