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Using a date calculation as a match field

Question asked by lmflora on Jun 13, 2011
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Using a date calculation as a match field



I have a problem.  My data comes in the form of ordinal date and year.  I created a "calendar file" where i can then reconstruct the date (mm/dd/yyyy) using the Date ( month ; day ; year ) function by pulling in the month and day from the calendar file using the ordinal date as the match field. I need to use the resulting date (mm/dd/yyyy) as a match field in other files. 

I find that i have to export the whole database into an excel file and then bring it back into FM, this makes the calculated date field just a date field and not a calculation field.  When I try to match on the calculated date field, i get an "index missing" error code.  Isn't there some way that i can take the calculated date field and turn it into a plain old date field without having to go in and out of excel?  or is there someother way i can get arround this time consuming step.