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Using a Field in AppleScript

Question asked by Fred_3 on May 6, 2015
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Using a Field in AppleScript



My AppleScript works, but not when I try to pass a field from a record for the folder name.  I have tried multiple combinations, but haven't found the correct one.  The folder should be LAST NAME followed by a space and a dash and another space and then the ID, i.e.      Johnson - 27

"tell application \"Finder\"" & ¶ & 
    "activate" & ¶ &
        "make new Finder window to disk \"Douglas\"" & ¶ &
    "set target of Finder window 1 to folder \Residential Customers::Last Name" - "Residential Customers::Customer ID"\" of folder \"Residential\" of folder \"Customers\" of disk \"Douglas\"" & ¶ &
"end tell"

Any thoughts?  Thanks.  Fred