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Using a filtered selection portal to populate a field

Question asked by johngrote on Mar 28, 2011
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Using a filtered selection portal to populate a field


I have a fairly complicated database that i use to figure veterinary fees. I am having trouble getting a filtered selection portal to populate a field. Once I get this working, I would like to use it in a number of layouts. I get the relationship to work as far as the portal is concerned and the filtering also to work, but I can't get the selection to populate the field. To explain a little further, my fee solution uses specific tests from two different laboratories. I have a laboratory table with serial numbers assigned to each lab and the specific tests for each of those labs listed under the respective companies (several hundred tests, hence the filter). For my laboratory fee solution, I want to be able to populate the new specific test field and its related cost (another field) from the pop up window containing the portal. I have made the test name field in the selection portal a button and attached a script which I thought would commit the name to the field in the lab fee solution and the cost field and I could then finish completing the information on that test to figure the fee. I have tried using different parameters (I understand them poorly) and no matter what I do, I can't populate the LaboratoryTestName field from the selection portal pop up window. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am currently using vs. 10 pro advanced.