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Using a form to enter data that populates a portal

Question asked by truckerclock on Aug 31, 2009
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Using a form to enter data that populates a portal


I started off with the contact management template in FM10. The first tab is customer details like the default with name, address, phone and all that. I have another tab called "Call Reports" that currently has a portal showing all records from the call reports table and allows me to enter data into it. I do not like that each time I want to add a new record in the portal I have to go to the bottom. I think the records should move down as a new one is added but have not been able to figure that out. I would like to add a form above the portal on the same tab to enter data into the call reports table and the portal just show read only data from that table. The problem is that when i fill out the form it populates the first line of the portal. I can clear the form but when I fill out the form the next time it overwrites the same line in the portal. I cannot use the new record button because that creates a new customer record in the contact management table and I want to be able to have multiple call reports records for each customer. Ideally I would have a submit button that after completing the form would submit that record to the table, clear the form and I could continue to enter data that would populate the portal.
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