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Using a hosted/shared database on the same network

Question asked by MichaelLawrence on Sep 11, 2014
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Using a hosted/shared database on the same network


I recently spoke with a FM service rep using the chat function on the support page and am looking for more information.

I was considering purchasing a FMP Server upgrade because I will soon need to have a hosted database using a PC with FilemakerPro Advanced 13 and an iPad with Filemaker Go that will be on the same network/in the same warehouse location. He explained that I should be able to use the functionality of FileMaker Pro Advanced to fit my needs. I have a database that is a modified version of the Invoice starter solution and I am worried that there will need to be additional scripts or something else added to the database that I am unaware of. My question is two parts:

1) Does anyone know if the starter solution needs any additional scripts in order to work as a hosted database/have 2 users connected to it simultaneously? We are planning on 1 person working on invoices with the iPad and eventually the user at the PC to print the Invoice when taking information from the customer.

2) If so is there a guide to setting up  a shared/hosted database for use over a network? I've been told to read the FMPAdvanced 13 user guide (chapter 5) and this article on potentially sharing the database outside the network (though I'll cross that bridge when I get to it):

I am purchasing the iPad this weekend or the next and just want to cover my bases, any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.