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using a portal as a pick list

Question asked by laneystewart on Mar 11, 2009
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using a portal as a pick list


Hello all,


I am feeling like a big dummy right now but I have tried to work this out all day to no eval. I have a database that is for student getting credit from other colleges.  One main table for the student info and a table holding all the college info.  I want to use a portal to allow you to choose the college that will be attached to the record.  There will only be ONE college attached to each student record but the college can be used over and over again.  I know that the portal will work on a relationship and have tired to make that relationship with the StudentID (unique ID field for the student table).  I am asking that the StudentIDFK field on the college table look up the StudentID in the parent table to make an exact match, making the relationship work.  Not working..........  Once I get this relationship to work then I need to set up a way for someone to "search" the text of the college names to come up with a hit list.  I know that I will use a non-equijoin relationship but just can not make it work.... HELP!!!!!!!  I FEEL SOOOOO STUPID!!!!