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    Using a portal for data entry?



      Using a portal for data entry?


      Hay guys this is my first post here but i have come across something i cant figure out.


      I am creating a stock control database but trying to taylor it to the company.

      I have an order table and within the form i want to be able to add multiple new items (into the item table) for that order, ive tryed setting up a portal but i am unable to add a new item into the item table.

      anyone have any ideas at the best way to go around this?





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          Items should be the 'many' side to orders.  You have the keys backwards.  You need the OrderID in your lineitems table and not the Items ID in the orders.

          You also need a Products table (which holds the Make, Model, Price) which is used for selecting your Products to insert into the Items table.  I see no Quantity field in Item either. 

          To allow creation of records in a portal, you need to turn it on in your relationship dialog.  So double-click the = between Orders and Items.  At the bottom, enable 'allow creation of related' on Items side only. :^)

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            Thanks worked perfect!! i Guess i should have noticed that :S