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Using a portal with a join table

Question asked by whardy7 on Aug 9, 2013
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Using a portal with a join table


     I have a table of Books and a table of Authors, joined by jBooks_Authors, with their respective ID fields. I believe I have the relationships set up correctly for this.

     Now, I need a portal on the Book layout that 1) shows the Authors attached to that book, 2) allows me to attach more Authors to that book, and 3) a way to add an author if not already existing.

     Books (BookID)------------------jBooks_Authors (BookID, AuthorID)----------------------Authors (AuthorID)

     I am using a value list in my portal, but I only get the ID number. The AuthorID is the 1st field and the AuthorName is 2nd field. I have selected to show the second field.

     Can you help me with what I might be doing wrong? I think I've tried about every possibility. Have I missed one or is it not possible to do it that way?