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    using a preview picture as the shortcut to the full sized JPEG



      using a preview picture as the shortcut to the full sized JPEG


      Hi all,  

      I'm running the trial version of filemaker at the moment, so basically I have 28 days to create a working database to persuade the boss to invest in the software...


      One of the key functions of the database would be to allow us to shred hundreds of documents once we have them scanned and stored on the database... 


      so, here's the question using a CV (saved as a JPEG) as an example...


      Can you create a preview of the JPEG?

      Once you have the preview of the JPEG, can you double click of the preview and have a full sized version of the file appear? this would allow the user to read it...


      I'm keen to use preview pictures as the user base (including me) are pretty new to databases and it'd be easier to work with. Also it'd be easy to see who we don't hold CV's, Certificates etc for etc...


      I've tried to look at script functions but I can't get my head around them and time is running out on the trial


      Thanks for your time,




      PS I managed to get MS access to do this on my machine at home, but getting XP on our new apple machines is proving to be a problem and, frankly I'd rather use Filemaker if I can :-) 


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          Hi, Paul, and welcome to the FM forum.


          Yes, everything you require is easy for Filemaker.  Create a field 'CVImage', make it type 'Container'.  When you right-click on the field and select 'Insert Picture...'.  (Not 'Insert File...'.) you can use the standard Windows 'Open' dialogue box navigation to find the image file (pdf, say?).


          Make sure you tick the box at the bottom to 'Store only a reference'.


          You will see a thumbnail of the pdf in the field. You could place a button beside the field to 'zoom' it - ie: take the user to another layout where the image is full size, or another button to 'Select/Play' the field and it will open the pdf file in Acrobat Reader (or whatever your default pdf viewer is).


          You can change the buttons to be 'Add image..' instead, and make it trigger the 'Insert picture...' dialogue for the filed, then make the field itself a button that 'zooms' to full size if you click on it.


          I hope this helps,


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            Since a volume of files may be involved, you can import from a folder and either store a reference to those files or import the file itself. Storing just the reference can be problematical if the drive storing the files becomes corrupted or dies or someone changes file or folder names. Your references are gone. You have to find a method of rebuilding the reference or re-enter each file. If you can't, your dead in the water. No data...

            Storing the file inside the Filemaker container is often a better choice BUT original file size can be a problem on a remote network, lan and elsewhere. 2 Megabyt images have a way of adding up and 1000 of them is a gigabyte, etc. You can make a copy and use that for more files. If you are using Filemaker server you can automatically backup the Filemaker files using its function and backup to more than one drive or folder for extra security. This has to be done correctly...

            Storing the file inside the container also has the good feature of maintaining an archive copy while others can do whatever with their copy on their computer. A modified copy can then replace the original or be added as a new record and reference the original.

            If your files are store in one central location, references should work ok keeping in mind the warning above. If they are scattered amond different users, different states or even different countries... Importing into the container may work best. The drive storing the document may not be available, a computer turned off, etc. and again, no image is available for that reference.

            In either case, it is wise for a new comer to seek counsel from the experienced folks before making such a decision.

            Yep, I saw the date but someone else might read this later...