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    Using a script to PRINT!!!!!



      Using a script to PRINT!!!!!


      Hello All

       I have 2 webviewers<web1> ,<web2> on the same  layout I want to print only <web2> of the webviewers .. How can i script it to .. Get the Info from <web2> place it on another layout page in a container Print that container and then return to original Layout. Could someone help me write the script to do this...Please ..

      Filemaker 10pro adv Windows/7



      Thank you


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          With the way your layout is set up, can you use the layout you have already and just select <web1> and in the Inspector > Position > Sliding and Visibility > choose 

          "Hide when printing"?  When you print from the layout with this change, <web1> will then not print.


          If the above idea does not work, maybe this: keeping in mind that the following assumes that you have not interacted with <web2>.

          Create a new layout, example : print web2, including only <web2> and any other content you want to print.

          In the script :

          -go to layout - print web2


          -go to layout - original

          If you will have interacted with <web2> and it now shows something different than when it loaded initially I do not know how to get that content moved to another location / field.  Could you just have the interaction with <web2> be on a layout by itself so it can be printed easily?


          Just some ideas.



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            In Layout editing mode

            Inspector is a sub-window which is accessed towards the bottom of the View menu