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    Using a Signature Pad



      Using a Signature Pad


      How do you capture an image directly into filemaker from a signature pad?

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          the only way I have found to do this so far is to use the multitouch mousepad on a mac laptop.  you can purchase "autograph" from tenone, install it on the laptop ($8 i think), and then bring up a signature dialog that can be pasted directly into a container field.  you have to play around with the settings in autograph, select jpg not png.


          i researched alot for Macs and until Autograph came out, I couldn't find any companies selling signature capture devices for mac.


          now with iPhone, you can also sign from your iPhone directly into a document on your mac but it doesn't allow you to sign directly into a container field yet.  not sure if that will happen any time soon.


          there might be ways to do it on a PC but i'm not familiar with them.


          Andru Ziwasimon MD

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            I've worked with the eSign plugin from Productive Computing but their site seems to be broken at the moment.



            It's Windows-only and supports specific hardware. It was fairly easy to implement.

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              Update: the site is working now.