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Using a smart board for Data Input

Question asked by JasonPenner on Jan 15, 2013
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Using a smart board for Data Input


     I have adapted the sample invoice template to work with my business, a fitness studio. Essentially invoices are workouts, and products are exercises. We have set it up wonderfully as far as being able to analysis data, the problem is we can't keep up with input. As of right now our system works as follows, write (by hand) on a white board, input workout through an ipad. This is proving to be time consuming, I'm trying to cut out the write on board step. 

     What I would like to see happen is;

  1.           We input workout through iPad
  3.           Workout is "published" to smart board
  5.           Clients/staff can update weights, etc by using Smart board.

     I could do this if it was one workout at a time, the problem that comes into play here is that I need to be able to display about 40 workouts at a time in a 4x10 grid. This is where I'm stuck, is it possible to have it set up like that?