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Using a tab to display associated records from linked table

Question asked by MichaelMaggs on May 17, 2012
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Using a tab to display associated records from linked table


In part of my database I have two tables, A and B, in a one-to-many relationship.  The main layout pulls data from table A, and includes a portal displaying the linked table B data. 

What I'm attempting to do is to identify in script the line/record that has the focus in the portal (that bit I can do), and then to display the data relating to that record on a Tab Control tab of the main layout (that bit I can't).  I was hoping that as the user scrolls down the portal rows, I can create an 'expanded' live view of the same data within the tab.

Currently the fields in the tab show only the data from the first of the linked records in table B. That's of course standard default behaviour and is what I'd expect.  However, I was hoping in script to be able to modify what is shown here on the basis of the selected table B record in the portal.

I have spent some time on this, and really can't see how to do this, or even if it is possible.  If not, is there some other way to show a mini-form view of the selected portal records?

I would appreciate any help. I am using FileMaker Pro 12.