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Using a tabbed control in a master/detail relationship

Question asked by Desmodromic on Dec 13, 2010
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Using a tabbed control in a master/detail relationship


Hello all,

I'm new to Filemaker --coming from long experience with Access. I'm very comfortable and familiar with relational database concepts. I've run into a situation in Filemake that has me confused. I have a master/detail relationship in a customer database. I want to show customer master info at the top of a form (i.e. company name, address, phone, etc.) and then, below that, have a tabbed form that contains portals so that I can scroll through multiple detail records that concern a particular customer. This is easy to accomplish in Access with a master/tabbed subform relationship. I can't seem to accomplish this in Filemaker. It seems the only way to view detail information in Filemaker is in multiple rows within a portal. That's not a very convenient way to view the info I need to track. Can anyone assist? I've searched and searched my reference books and queried every google description of the problem I can think of.