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Using a table format within a text field: possible?

Question asked by kevork on Jan 3, 2011
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Using a table format within a text field: possible?


There are times I would like to put the data in a text field in table format. This arises when I create flash cards in education. For example, a verb conjugation in a language database would have columns = singular/plural and rows = 1st 2nd 3rd person. At present I do this by judicious use of space but this does not give accurate alignment and gets lost if one makes a change. Is it possible to create tables within a text field?

One solution is to create to separate fields for 1st person singular , 2nd person etc and then display the conjugation in a form. But then I would need numerous forms for each verb mood and tense and that is before we get to nouns and adjectives etc., defeating the object of having handy single cards one can add to on the go.

I cannot be the only person with this problem, can I?

BTW, I am using FM 10 Pro