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Using a varible to perform find for a date

Question asked by flamecoder on Jul 13, 2011
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Using a varible to perform find for a date


I want to create a script that will ask what month to run a report on then perform a find. This is how I'm going about it so far...

Go to Layout ["Monthly Insignias"]

Set Variable [$YearDate; Value:Year (Get (CurrentDate))]

Show Custom Dialog ["Monthly Report"; Insignia::Report :Month]

//Custom Dialog collects the number of the month to do find on

Set Variable [$MonthDate; Value:Insignia::ReportMonth]

Set Variable [$ReportDate; Value:$MonthDate & "/*/" & $YearDate]

Perform Find []

//The Perform Find is on a Date Out which is a date field. Trying to put the variable in results in a dialog box saying it needs to be in the formate 12/25/2003

How can I select a month and perform a find for every record with a date out for that month?