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Using an "if function" within an aggregate function.

Question asked by kirvis on Nov 23, 2009
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Using an "if function" within an aggregate function.


Hi all,


I would like to know if it is possible to conditionalize the Sum function. I have a table with a lot of processes, which have a category tag. I would like to be able to summarize values only from rows which have a certain category tag. Because the Sum calculation will be in another table, it is not possible to use subsummary values.


It would have to be something like:



Sum ( 

If (

connect_table_processes::process category = "production and packaging" ; 

connect_table_processes::GHG ; 




In words: Summarize GHG values from table connect_table_processes from rows which have value "production and packaging" in process category.


I have tried the calculation below first, but that does not work unfortunately. 


If (

connect_table_processes::process category = "wholesale" ; 

Sum ( connect_table_processes::GHG ) ; 


Is this possible?