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Using an existing layout on a new database

Question asked by sierrawoman on Dec 16, 2009
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Using an existing layout on a new database


I'm using FileMaker Pro 7.0v3 on my MacBook.  I'm running on OSX 10.5.8.  I use FileMaker all day long, but just know as much as I need know to function effectively.




I have two Filemaker Pro databases that are shared with my partner on a server.  Each has it's own set of layouts for contact information and invoicing.


I want to pull each database and its layouts off and work from my Mac rather than use the server. My partner has other plans. We would like to be able to cancel the server service completely.


I've been able to export all the fields except containers, and I can live with that if I have to.


The problem comes with trying to duplicate each layout.  The instructions for cutting and pasting don't seem to work for me.  Any ideas would be appreciated. I'd love to easly transfer each layout.