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Using an If script/function to auto-populate a field

Question asked by ChadBarnard on Aug 12, 2014
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Using an If script/function to auto-populate a field


     Hey guys,

     I'm confused about what I'm doing wrong here and need some guidance.

     Once someone picks a state for an order, I'm wanting to auto-populate the permit and underground fields.  I know how to do each separately with value lists, but since there's two tables' information being pulled, I figured that I could run an If script/function.  But I must be missing something.

     At first, I tried to make the underground phone number field in the Orders table a calculation:

                     If ( OrderState = Underground::UndergroundState ; Lookup ( Underground::UndergroundPhoneNumber ) ; "" )

     That didn't work, so I tried a setting an OnObjectSave script trigger on the Orders State field to the following script:

                     If [Orders::OrderState= Underground::UndergroundState]
                                     Go to Field [Orders::OrdersUnderground]
                                      Insert Text [Select; Underground::UndergroundPhoneNumber]
                    End If

     Instead of the Insert Text, I've tried some Get functions, but still no luck.  I have tried relating the tables by pk and fk as well as by OrderState and UndergroundState.  

     Thanks for any help/clarification that you can offer.