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Using Applescript to import PDF's into FileMaker

Question asked by ambrosiasw on Feb 16, 2010
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Using Applescript to import PDF's into FileMaker




I'm an intern with Ambrosia Software Inc. I have been working on a process to automate scanning and storing paper that we would normally have to save (invoices, receipts, etc.). So far I have a combination of Applescript and Automator workflow that will do the scanning, combining, saving and PDF conversion we need. The final step in this project is finding a way to use Applescript or a combination of Applescript and FileMaker script to import these scanned documents into the appropriate records in our database. The scanned documents are saved with names corresponding to order numbers, and what I need is a solution that will match the name of the pdf file (which will be a order number) with the order number on the appropriate record in our database, then import the file and save it with that record. We are running FileMaker version 10 and our servers and desktop computers are running a Mix of OS X 10.5 and 10.6.  Any help, suggestions I can get would be most appreciated, if you need more info just let me know. Thanks!