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Using Average in Summary

Question asked by on Jul 27, 2014
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Using Average in Summary


     I am collecting data from a survey.  The survey is to be reported by total participants, total female and total male.  one of the questions Is:  What your height in feet & inches.  Fields are A1f feet; and A1f inches.   I created a Calculation field called Alf the calculation is  A1f feet * 12 + A1f inches.  I am able to get the average  for Alf (total records),   But I am having difficulty getting the average height for Female and for Male.  I also have a field for gender Ala  using checkbox for female ; male.

     I tried the following calculation If ( A1f feet * 12 + A1f inches = " " and A1a = "Female"; "1" ; "" )then average, but it's not working;  I also tried  another calculation field  A1f   and A1a = "Female" .

     Can someone tell me the best way to get the average for female and male height, I'll also need it for weight. 

     Thank you