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Using Bing Maps in Web Viewer

Question asked by lbellino on Feb 21, 2012
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Using Bing Maps in Web Viewer


I currently use the Google Maps as the default for the Map tab that I have in my database. I would rather use Bing Maps instead. I know I can use a custom web address and was wondering what the best website address to use to show what I get for Google Maps. I tried just replacing the google web address with Bing in place of Google, but it takes me to the main maps website without bring up the address that I have listed in my record.  Here's what I have listed for the maps field/container:

"" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ STO__Store::Address & "," & /*City=*/ STO__Store::City & "," & /*State=*/ STO__Store::State & "," & /*Zip Code=*/ STO__Store::ZipCode & "," & /*Country=*/ ""

How do I fix to make it go right to the map of the address listed in my record? Thanks.