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Using Buttons

Question asked by BrianWoods on Jul 7, 2014
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Using Buttons


     I’d like to set up buttons to push text from certain fields into others. Having said that, I already have figured out the simple way of setting up a button to push text from one specific field into another specified field.  However I’m looking for a more dynamic approach.

     Imagine several fields in Column A ( A1…A10) and Column B with fewer fields (B1…B5).  The fields in Column A are already pre-loaded with various phrases.  The fields in Column B are all blank. As each phrase from Column A is selected, it is inserted into the next empty field in Column B.  In other words, if User#1 selects A3, A1, A9, A7 and A6…they would appear in the five fields in Column B in that exact order.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.