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Using Calcs as Key fields in Relationships.

Question asked by marymac on Jul 7, 2014
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Using Calcs as Key fields in Relationships.


     Hi Everyone!


     I'm new to the forum but have been using FMP for close to 15 years.  As much as I have been using it I am still a little old school and have not kept up on the latest tips and tricks with the newer versions.  My question is:  Is there a way to use calculated fields as a primary key for relationships? 

     Here is the calc I'm looking at using.

     Case(KeyNum = 1;AcctNumYr1;
     KeyNum = 2;AcctNumLongYr1;
     KeyNum = 3;AcctNumDiff1Yr1;
     KeyNum = 4;AcctNumDiff2Yr1;
     KeyNum = 5;AcctNumInsYr1;"")


     I need the relationship to do look ups, so I'm thinking I'll have to use several relationships instead of just one only because the data in the Acct... fields can change and there for this field can not be completely indexed.  Its also has dozens of users and is over a server so the speed is of course an issue as well.


     I'm mostly thinking out loud now so "Thanks for listening." 


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