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    Using Capitals in Text Fields



      Using Capitals in Text Fields


      My question relates to converting a Text Field from, a Name with first Letter Capital and others in Lower Case to a Name with all Capitals.

      Has anyone discovered a method of converting from Lower Case to Capitals.

      Surely this can be done or do we have to redo all the Records again in Capitals.

      Thank You.

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          Here's one solution:

          First, make a backup of your FMP file, just in case.

          Then click inside your text field (leave the cursor anywhere inside the field), go to the Records menu > Replace Field Contents,  then click the Specify button to specify a calculated result, then enter this calculation:


          Upper (your_text_field)


          Then perform the Replace. The text in the field will then be converted to uppcerase, eg. John Smith will become JOHN SMITH. This procedure will change the text of that field in all of your records in one hit.





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            Thank You sunmoonstar.

            I also, eventually found the neccessary setting within Inspector>Appearance>Styles>Capitals, and it worked to convert all the Lowercase Names in the Field called LName.


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              It is fruitless to attempt to control all data in this regard, just as it is fruitless to keep all data dates as m/d/yyyy instead of m-d-yyyy.  People will enter what they will enter.  That's why it is best to control the display of the data by using Inspector.  What you don't see won't bug you. :^)

              But why all caps? It is so difficult to read ... it's almost offensive to the senses and is certainly old-school.