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Using Checkbox/Value List to select what to print.

Question asked by pinchvalve on Jan 26, 2014
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Using Checkbox/Value List to select what to print.


     I have searched and searched, but cannot find the answer to this one.  

     I have 10 layouts that are used for printing reports.  I want to allow the user to select what reports to print by checking boxes in a "to print" field.   They select the appropriate reports, then click a PRINT button.  The PRINT button runs a script that says "if report one is checked, print layout 1.  then if report 2 is checked, print report two" and so on down the list.  

     I just can't wrap my head around how to get info from a value list in this way.  I think I can do it with 10 separate fields, but that seems clunky to me.  

     Any hints on syntax for scripts to pull values from a value list?  Even just a single value, I can repeat the command 10 times.