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    Using checkboxes for find/filter



      Using checkboxes for find/filter


           Hello all,
           I am new to filemaker, and need some help setting up a script (or anything else) that will take values from a checkbox and display only the records that have matching criteria to at least one of the values selected from the checkbox. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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               I suggest that you give that check box global storage if it is only used to specify find criteria. That is the assumption that I am using with this script:

               Enter Find Mode []----> clear the pause check box
               If [ valueCount ( YourTable::YourcheckboxField ) > 1]
                    Set Variable [$K ; value: $K + 1 ]
                    Set Field [ YourTable::YourField ; getvalue ( YourTable::YourCheckBoxField ; $K ) ]
                    Exit Loop If [$K = ValueCount ( YourTable::YourcheckBoxField ) ]
                    New Record/Request
                 End Loop
               End If
               Set Error Capture [on]
               Perform Find[]

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                 Thanks! This was very helpful. However, It still doesn't do what I need it to. It works when I modify the check box the first time but then it just does nothing. Also I think I may not have the checkbox set for global storage. How do I check/set that?

                 Thanks again!



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                   Open manage | database | Fields and find the checkbox field.

                   Double click it.

                   In the field options dialog that appears, select the storage tab and select the check box for global storage.

                   Please note, this should only be done if this field is only used for specifying the criteria for your find. If your are using this field for entering data for each record, add a new field, make it global and put it on a layout with the check boxes format for use with your script.