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Using Checkboxes for multiple selections

Question asked by KatelynLindsay on Jun 17, 2014
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Using Checkboxes for multiple selections



     So first off I am using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.

     My database is holding a list of offices and is meant to export to Excel to run a distance macro that we use. The first basic way I made it work was to select as many offices as needed and enter one Zip code, this would export each office address with the ending zip code in an easy way to run our function.

     Now though it has been brought to me to add in the other case where we want to check one office against multiple zip codes. So I expanded the database to include every city, county, and zip code in CA. And queue the problem.

     I'm trying to set up a series of layouts to do the following: Show a list of all counties and select one or more county which will show a list of zipcodes included in each checked county. From there a selection of one or more offices can be made which will bring you to one final layout for exporting which has each office matched with each ending zip code.  (Sorry if that sounded confusing I can clarify if need be)

     So my problem right now is the first bit going between county to zip code. I currently have a layout (based on Counties table) which shows a value list of all the counties as a checkbox (hooked to the global g_county). The user can select one or more and then from there a script will search through them (currently searching on Zip Code table) and find the zip codes matching those counties.

     This is where I get stuck. I need to show those in a way they can be selected and further used for searching.

     I was originally going to use another set of checkboxes like I have been using but I can't seem to find a way to narrow the checkboxes down with either the found set or the information in g_County(which is a list from the previous checkboxes)

     I then moved on to try to view the foundset as a list layout with the option of 'Flagging' the zip codes wanted and searching then on the flagged field. Which was fine (I think) until I realized at some point I would have to reset all those flags.

     I was hoping to stick with the checkbox way, if at all possible, and if not then I was hoping maybe someone could steer me in the right direction on how to proceed with step. Because after this step I still have to pick out the offices as well.

     Any help or input is very much appreciated!