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Using checkboxes to select entries to add to a list

Question asked by trialuser1111 on Feb 25, 2009
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Using checkboxes to select entries to add to a list




I am a trial user of FileMaker Pro 10 and in need of some help with a specific function.  What I would like to be able to do is check off (or some other form of selection) multiple entries and add them to a final list/report.  Here's an example:


We have entries for a number of companies that we may target for outreach, and each company has a variety of fields associated with it (name, location, size, etc.)  I know I can perform a find and look for, say, companies with a size greater than X located in Boston, but what I would THEN like to be able to do is hand-pick the companies included in a final list based on subjectivity.  This is because several of the fields include full paragraph descriptions of a company's operations, and searching for keywords would be too limiting and time consuming for our needs.


Is this possible in FileMaker, and if so, how can it be done?


Thank you!  I've got two 2 weeks left to figure this out!