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Using Company records in two different ways

Question asked by vcdpp on Aug 16, 2011
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Using Company records in two different ways



Update: If I create a new layout using the relationship to Project 2, I will lose all the data I am using via the relationships with Project 1. See new visual below, with arrows showing relationships I am using throughout the layout. Am I just pushing the boundaries too far for one layout?


Hi.  I put companies together for joint marketing efforts.  For each project, I have 1 client with many prospective partners. I have a complete list of companies in a table, each has a unique identifier, and at any given time they can be client, prospective partner, or both (in various projects).

Example Project: For Cheese Company A, I will reach out to 20 Cracker Companies to see if one will say yes. In each project I would like to, in a tab (via portal?) choose numerous companies as potential partners, then show their status (considering, declined, committed.) And most likely add fields to this, such as date last contacted.

Is there a way to use the Company records and view/choose them as potential partners? And choose many of them on tab/layout in a portal? The rest I could do via value lists, I suspect.

A visual of my Project Details is attached. I put in the Notes tab what I would like to do in a  Partners tab so you can visualize it.