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Using conditional lists with many-to-many relationships

Question asked by JennySemmler on Dec 9, 2013
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Using conditional lists with many-to-many relationships


     Hello folks,

     I have a many to many relationship set up through a join table, which currently has 3 fields: the serial number key, and a field for the key from the two tables with many to many relationship. 

     I would like to set up a conditional value list from one side of the relationship to the other:

     Component ID (key) Status (available, consumed) Component code --> join table --> Blend ID (key) Status (drop down from component), Component code (related to component status).

     I can get the status to drop down in the blend layout, but not the component codes. (I have set up the menu/order tutorial form the help file and found that the insertion of a join table stopped this working too.) It sort of makes sense that this should be the outcome given that the join table is acting as an index. At one stage when I was fooling around I got the component value list to work, sort of, but it kept making new records in the component list, instead of just looking them up, which was not right either. I can't even get that to happen now.


     Any suggestions?

     Many thanks and regards