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Using Constrain and Extend in a script

Question asked by RobS on May 22, 2015
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Using Constrain and Extend in a script




I'm looking to have part of a script which allows the user to do a find then run the script, but just modifying whatever found set exists before the script is called, by adding or removing search criteria - but then return back to the original found set.

I thought this would be possible by doing something like:

Constrain search: add '=' in FIELD2

Extend search: add '*' in FIELD2

However, it seems to only result in all records.  Yes, FIELD2 is populated on every record, but I want it to only be the original found set (the idea of the above being that FIELD2 will be fully populated once the script gets to that stage).

I'm probably using the constrain and extend functions wrongly, but the Modify last find is not configurable in a script.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks!