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    Using container fields



      Using container fields


           I am looking to use a container field to hold images of user signatures in a table. What I was trying to figure out is if it is possible to have user signatures contained in a field in a table and then use these to place onto a records when a user wants to sign the record with a graphic that looks like their signature? I have no idea how I would do this, and if it is at all possible. Any help with this and what field would be needed in the table to link back to the data record table would be helpful. Currently I have a list of users that I can get from a drop down field, which I was hoping if a user selects thier name that their signature is referenced against the container in the record that they are creating?

           Thanks in advance


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               Without a more complete picture of the tables involved, my answer has to be fairly general and you'll have to adapt the details to meet what you actually have in place:

               If you set up these relationships:

               Documents::_fkUserID = Signatures::_fkUserID

               Users::__pkUSerID = Documents::_fkUserID

               Then you can store each signature in a different record in Signatures by inserting them into a container field defined in that table.

               You can format Documents::_fkUserID with a drop down list or pop up menu of user ID's and their names so that selecting a person's name enters their User ID and links that Documents record to the correct Signatures record. You can then place the container field from Signatures directly on the Documents layout to show the signature of the user selected for that document record.

               For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                 Sorry I should have been a bit more specific

                 I have 3 tables - 1 service, 1 customer, 1timecalulator

                 The service table is used to as data input with time and duration details collected in time calculator via a protal.
                 What I ws try to get to work is that when a technician enteres a service sheet record, that he can sign it.

                 I don't really have any idea how I would do this, other than having the signatures scanned in and added to a container with in the service table, but I cannot work out how to get this to work. Currently users do not log in and they dont have a user name table. This is a work in progress



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                   You need to add a table of Technicians, one record for each technician, with a container field for their signature.

                   It should be linked as I describe linking in the User table records in my original post. (Just change the name of that table to Users and the name of the Document table to "Service")