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    Using Container fields for signatures



      Using Container fields for signatures


      Looking for solution to Container display in FM Pro Advanced 11.0 v3

      I use container fields in my solution primarily with FM Go to enter signatures and photos via Iphone and IPad2.  When I create new records via laptop my container fields end up with a time stamp in them.  How do I keep this from happening?  I would like the container to remain blank when using my laptop.  Data entry in my solution is completely scripted (No fields can be entered by clicking on them) and the signature fields are only entered by choosing a button I named "get signature".  What I don't understand is why are my container fields filled with a time stamp when they've never even been activated by the user.


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          Any auto-enter field options specified for your container field?

          If you enter layout mode and remove the container field, is there any layout object underneath it? (Two colons are the layout symbol for the current time, so that's one thing to look for, though I would expect that to be visible in the above screenshot if that was the case here...)

          Does this appear in a new record the instant it is created? If so, do you have any script triggers set up for this layout that might kick in here?

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            No auto enter selected and nothing in underneath, this time stamp shows up on all forms related to this table with that field in it.  It appears after further examination the time stamp does not occur when entering a new record.  After checking my logs the time stamp showed up in all records entered via desktop when I imported the records to my updated file structure.  After making many changes to the database in a copy of the file and testing the copied and changed file I removed all test data from the copied file and imported all records from the original file to the new file.  No changes where made to the table containing the signature/container fields.  I suspect the time stamp occurred during the record import process.  I did select to perform auto enter while importing, will this cause a date stamp in an empty container field?  If so how do I avoid this in the future? 

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              Selecting auto-enter only affects an auto-enter option you have selected for a field. If you have a date field, for example that is set to auto-enter the modification date, enabling auto-enter will enter today's date into this field for each record you import.

              A more likely explanation is that you accidentally mapped a date field containing the date fields to your container field and then this date was imported into the container field during the import.

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                Thanks for the info.  I will be sure to double check the field mapping next time i import.  I thought I was careful to check all mapped fields before importing but with 337 fields in that table I may have gone cross eyed for a moment.  I did create a standard layout in each file for the purpose of importing records but your explanation sounds like the most likely cause of my issue.  My next step is to confine the records in question to a search and replace contents with nothing.

                Thank You