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Using Containers

Question asked by flamecoder on Aug 27, 2014
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Using Containers


     I'm looking to insert png images into a container field. Our older db inserted the image with a script but at over 37 thousand records the db is now 7 gb. I have the png files stored on a server in a good file path structure and naming convention. What I'd like to do is store a reference where the image is located at. Some things to consider for implementing the container...

     1.The image will not be in this location when the path is supplied for insertion. Is there anyway to give the path and when the file exists it will be displayed? I get an error that file needs to exist to complete the insert command.

     2. Also is there anyway the path can be built on the fly to display image? If I should ever have to relocate the folder structure to another server a simple change to beginning path would change all records. For example the path "AppleCore/CreativeServices/Completed-JobFolders" will be the same for all records until a server change. The path after "Completed-JobFolders" will always remain the same for that record no matter what server it is moved to.


     2. The path must work in both Mac and Win for locating the image to display. Will I need to create different paths for each platform? For example does it need to start with imagemac:/ or imagewin:// or is this just an insertion requirement. How does Relative path work?

     3. What is "Store container data externally" for. Is this something I should look into? Also Secure or Open storage.

     4. The FM script to insert the image is being executed by AppleScript outside of FM with "do script" that builds the path for the image. There is no user intervention for inserting images.

     5. Is there any other way to just display an image from a file path?