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    using data from an ODBC source



      using data from an ODBC source


      So Ive added a MySQL database as an ODBC source to my filemaker database, how do I get it to refresh the data from that source? once I added it to filemaker the data dosnt seem to show any new data from after I added the source. are ODCB sources not live connections?

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          They are semi-live.


          Whenever the screen refreshes, it should update the data you are seeing.


          Some Actions that Refresh the Screen:


          • Changing layouts.
          • Changing Records.
          • Refresh Window function.
          • Refresh Window script step.
          • Change Mode (Layout, Browse, Find)



          There is not a constant broadcast of the data to FileMaker, so it doesn't know that data has changed...like it does with FileMaker native tables.