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Using data from multiple portals

Question asked by TimothyWade on Jun 5, 2012
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Using data from multiple portals


I'm attempting to use data from two different portals, along with data from a main table to create a confirmation letter/invoice, and I can't seem to get the data that I want/need to appear. I am using FM10.

Basically, I have my main table that has the Group Visit Name and main contact information, with two related tables that have multiple Group Visit and Group Visit Leader entries. These two tables are set up as portals back to the main Group Visit Name table, so by searching for one Group Visit name, you can view all of the associated Group Visits and Group Leaders.

I am trying to generate a confirmation letter/invoice from the data from all three tables. However, there is only one seemingly random set of data that appears on the confirmation letter/layout, regardless of what "find" data I've searched for. At least it shows the correct Group Visit Name, but that's it.  

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated