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    using database for multiple locations



      using database for multiple locations


      I have created a database for keeping track of inventory in our warehouses. Right now it works great if it were only going to be used for one location. What would be the best way to expand it so that it could keep track of the inventory in multiple locations and maybe compile a total inventory amount? I have 4 different warehouses to track.

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          1. Host the database in such manner (There are several options depending on cost and performance) that users at all locations can update inventory by accessing the same hosted database. Don't try to set up a system where the data gets merged after the fact unless it's simply impossible to do otherwise as synching the data can be a real nightmare.

          2. Include fields in your tables that identify the location to which the record refers. This can be set up with auto-enter options so that the user doesn't have to enter any extra data to do this. Then your reports, security settings, etc. can all use this location data to control which records a user from a given location can see or access and reports can be created that report on all locations, but with the records grouped by location so that you can see sub-totals by location if you want.