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Using dates in If statements

Question asked by GraysonSmith on Jun 8, 2015
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Using dates in If statements



I haven't worked too much with dates and what I need to do is have a calculation field return zero if the date of one field is less than a specified date. What I am trying to do is set a field to 0 if it is x years before this current year.



If( Assets::DateIssued > 01/01/2010 ; 0 ; 1 )

Obviously that's incorrect formatting, but I hope I'm relatively clear with what I'm asking about.


I tried a workaround to make a field with todays date named Assets::DateToday with an auto-calc of Get(CurrentDate). Then I made the field in question a calc field with the following:

If( Year(Assets::DateToday) - Year (Assets::DatePurchased) > Assets::YearSpread ; 0 ; 1 )


The above is not functioning correctly even though I believe it should work. Help?