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    Using dates to autofill



      Using dates to autofill


           I am building a databse that allows teachers to record some lesson information for a class.  Each class has a schedule for each day ie day, period of day, start time, classroom which i have entered on a table called Subject_Schedule.  What i am unable to work out is how a teacher can select a date on a layout  for a related Subject_Information table using a calendar drop down that will cause the remaining information to appear ie if the date is a thursday it fills in the info from the subject schedule that matches a thursday.

           At the moment I can get information if I manually choose the day but I would like this linked in so that they date works out the day and causes information fill. I have used a cDay field to work out the day but cannot link this together. 

           I have a feeling it is an easy fix but cant for the life of me work out how!


           Any help greatly accepted

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               You'll need to describe the tables, their purpose and how they are related at this point before we can explore ways to make this work for you.

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                 Ok - thanks Phil

                 I have the following tables

                 Subjects with ID, Name, Year group fields  (stores subject info)

                 Subject Schedule with ID, SubjectID_fk, Day, Period, Classroom    (Subject::ID=SubjectSchedule::SubjectID_fk) (stores timetable info)

                 Lessons with ID, SubjectID_fk, Date,Term, Week, Objectives and some other related lesson fields. (Subject::ID=Lessons::SubjectID_fk) (stores lesson info)


                 I have a subject schedule layout that is allows uses to enter the schedule for each subject using the SubjectSchedule table.

                 I have a layout based on the Subject table which includes a portal based on the Lessons table  showing a brief summary of the lessons that are related to that subject ie date, topic

                 I have a layout called Lessons based on the Lesson table where the detailed information will be stored.


                 That is the set up i currently have.  What i want to allow is for a date to be selected either in the portal on the Subject layout or in the lesson layout that will automatically enters/shows the period of the day, time the class starts and where the class is from the SubjectSchedule table.  On the lesson table i can select a date and have added a cDate field that gets the day but i am unsure how or whether i need this to pull out the other info.


                 Hopefully this is clear.

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                   Is this what you have?


                   Subjects::ID = Subject_Schedule::_fkSubjectID
                   Subjects::ID = Lessons::_fkSubjectID

                   If any of this notation is unfamiliar: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                   What type of value is stored in Subject_Schedule::Day?

                   I don't think that you want to select this date IN the portal but rather a field on the layout such that only Lesson/subject_Schedule records appear for the specified Subject and date.

                   For the subject layout, you can create a new occurrence of Lessons with this relationship:

                   Subjects::ID = LessonsByDate::_fkSubjectID AND
                   Subjects::Date = LessonsByDate::Date

                   Then a portal to LessonsByDate will show only the lesson record(s) for the current subject for the date selected/entered in Subjects::Date.

                   A similar method can be used for Subject_Schedule from the Lesson layout, but we may have to set up a calculation field to get values that match to the Day field in that table.

                   To create a new table occurrence:


                        In Manage | Database | relationships, make a new table occurrence of YourTable by clicking it and then clicking the duplicate button (2 green plus signs). You can double click the new occurrence box to get a dialog to appear where you can rename the new occurrence box.

                        We have not duplicated a table. Instead, this is a new reference to the same table already present in your database.

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                     Thanks Phil - I think  I understand this and will try to implement your suggestions to assist finding classes.


                     I may not have been as clear as i needed to be as i am wanting a user to be able create a new record on the lesson layout then select the date of the lesson with a drop down, from which the day is calculated and then fills in all the other information based on this day ie New record - select the 3rd of December - works out that the day is a Monday so enters time as 9.30 and class as CA 11.

                     My current set up lets me select a date but i cant get the record to work out what day it is and fill from that.  This layout is based on lessons table, the date is Lessons::date, whilst the day is SubjectSchedule::Day, period is SubjectSchedule::Period and time is SubjectShedule::time

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                       picture didnt add before

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                         I asked a question that is still unanswered: What kind of data is stored in Day? A number? text naming the day of the week? a Date?

                         Your screen shot shows fields that come from at least two different table occurrences. Those that start with :: in your screen shot come from a related table occurrence where the others come from the layout's table occurrence. Such fields, unless located inside a portal refer to the "first" related record in the related table occurrence--which may not be the record you want.