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Using dates to autofill

Question asked by tomo17 on Nov 29, 2012
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Using dates to autofill


     I am building a databse that allows teachers to record some lesson information for a class.  Each class has a schedule for each day ie day, period of day, start time, classroom which i have entered on a table called Subject_Schedule.  What i am unable to work out is how a teacher can select a date on a layout  for a related Subject_Information table using a calendar drop down that will cause the remaining information to appear ie if the date is a thursday it fills in the info from the subject schedule that matches a thursday.

     At the moment I can get information if I manually choose the day but I would like this linked in so that they date works out the day and causes information fill. I have used a cDay field to work out the day but cannot link this together. 

     I have a feeling it is an easy fix but cant for the life of me work out how!


     Any help greatly accepted