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Using Dropdown to select all data on a layout...

Question asked by productionQC on May 3, 2013
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Using Dropdown to select all data on a layout...


     Hello - I have a well established Database that I would like to add a layout to.  On this layout I would like to have a dropdown list at the top containing a list of itmes a user could select and have all charts and fields on the page show data pertaining to only that Item appear.  The data for the items would be coming from multiple tables.  Example:  User selects a company.  All testing data performed for that company would appear on the page, including charts.  When the user selects "all" all of the data is combinded.  My question is a general one as I need some guidence before I get too far down the wrong path.   Does anyone have some suggestions on what direction I should go to best set this up...Broad question I know!