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    Using dual displays



      Using dual displays


      Is there a way to open two filemaker files into separate application windows so that they can be displayed independently on separate monitors?

      I have a schedule database that I display on a secondary monitor, and a client documentation database that I use on my primary monitor.  At times I need to work on the schedule on the secondary display while viewing data in a non-filemaker application on the primary display.  I currently just stretch the filemaker window across both displays and organize the files as necessary, but each time I click on the schedule on the secondary display, filemaker (of course) comes to the front on the primary display.

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          Mac or Windows?

          On a windows system, I was able to make the application window large enough to cover both montiors. Then I could place two windows side by side in the application window so that each was on a different monitor. (In my case, monitor 2 was a projector and I needed to use a window on monitor 1 to control what was displayed on the projector.)

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            I did the same thing, but I need my primary display left alone, so that the non-filemaker application on my primary display stays on top when I click on the filemaker window on the secondary display.

            I don't think it's possible, but thought I'd ask.  I think I'm asking if it's possible to run multiple instances of Filemaker on one machine and still maintain relationships between the files.

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              I too would like this functionality.  My co-workers using Macs have the ability to launch multiple instances of Filemaker.  Why can't I on Windows 7?