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Using External SQL tables/records, but where to put my new extra data?

Question asked by TimWatson on Aug 12, 2011
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Using External SQL tables/records, but where to put my new extra data?


I am working on a "Quality Control" solution for FMGo on the ipad, using our company's SQL Tables (from SAP Business One). I have live connections with four SQL tables (Products, Purchase Orders, Manufacturers, and PO Line items). All of the relationships are good, and this works great as a closed solution for viewing information. However, I need to add a local FM table (or several fields, and container fields) that will house some qualilty control information for each record in the PO Line Items table, and will be directly related to the SQL table "PO Line items). The problem I can't figure out is how to create these fields, because I can't/don't want to make these new fields part of the SQL table. So, the question is, "is it possible to create fields (other than calculations/summaries) offline/local inside of filemaker in the SQL table occurence? Of if not, (which I believe is the case), how can I create a local FMP table that actually uses the records from the SQL table "PO Line Items"?

Basic problem that I need to resolve is:
I don't know where to put the quality control information that we collect on the iPad in FMP. It can't go into the SQL table, but it has to use the records from the SQL Table "PO Line Items".

Can you help?