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Using external storage is not lowering file size

Question asked by SerenaLi on Oct 26, 2012
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Using external storage is not lowering file size


     I have decided to unembed container fields and use external storage containers in order to have better file management and a less bloated database. The original database file with embedded images is 1.52GB. I saved a copy and set up external storage, and converted my data container image fields to use the external storage containers in an open format. This copy is somehow 1.53GB. FIlemaker successfully wrote all these images to the external storage container, and I know they are no longer embedded because breaking the filepath onmy computer also severs all the images in this file.

     After the transfer, Filemaker gives me a message that space in the database will be reclaimed once the file is closed, but this doesn't seem to help. I even closed the database and left Filemaker itself open for more than an hour in case this was the issue. The file is still 1.53GB.

     I also tried to save a compacted copy, but this is 1.14GB, which is still too large because we also have this database in a format where pictures were inserted as references rather than using external storage containers, and that file is about 25MB, which I think is closer to what this should be.

     I would appreciate any assistance available, thank you!